Top 5 shoes this winter

As the weather drops and the dark nights approach warm, comfortable and trendy footwear is crucial. English weather is so unpredictable and good footwear is important for protection. With the festive season approaching with Christmas markets and many outdoor activies boots are key.

Boost are important for the winter time especially with big coats and chunky knitwear and it’s important to look stylish and keep up to date with winter trends

Price ranges from £20.00 to £1500 to suit everyone’s needs.

Here are the top 5 shoes on trend this winter keep you warm and comfortable:

Coming in at 1 is the iconic Chloe Betty rubber boots at a price of £420.00, the rubber is suitable for every condition and goes with every outfit.

Number 2 is the stylish COWBOY BOOTS WITH CONTRAST FLAMES for a more unique and edgy look from Zara at £79.99.

The third runner up its ALDO combat ankle boot with a price of £110 for a staple black boot.

Number 4 chunky sole over the knee long sock boot in black leather and knit for cosy dresses to help eleavate your look from ego for £30.00

Finally the god of all boots is the black sole chunky boots £20.00 from public desire which are dupes for the Prada nylon fabric boots £1300

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