Brand Profile

By Arabella Ryter

Bottega Veneta was founded in Vicenza 1966. The Italian fashion house offers a wide range of products in the categories: Men, Women and Home.

What makes the brand so popular?

The brand gained popularity from its weave design called intrecciato. This design is still a signature trademark of Bottega Veneta. It has been a favourite for years among consumers that do not like logos. It’s also a favourite due to its wide range of clutches which other brands do not provide or at least not to the extent of Bottega Veneta.

The key to the brand is:

To keep the amazing craftsmanship alive, Bottega Veneta founded in 2006 Scuola della Pelletteria. This a specialised school where the craftsmen are trained. Every individual pair of shoes or bag from Bottega Veneta is handcrafted in Italy by highly capable artisans who attended this school, making it understandable why the brands prices are so high.

Bottega Green ?

The brand is currently best known for the infamous mini-Jodie bag or the chunky boots. Bottega Veneta most recognisable aspects of the brand is its signature “Bottega Green” color. The creative director Daniel Lee was the one to reinvent the brand, whilst still keeping its sophisticated nature alive.

In 2021 Matthieu Blazy  was appointed creative Director of Bottega Veneta. The popularity of the brand has grown significantly since Matthieu Blazy has become the new creative Director in 2021.

A little bit about Matthieu Blazy’s industry history

In 2014 Matthieu became the Senior Designer at Céline, he then worked at Calvin Klein from 2016 to 2019. In 2020 Bottega Veneta appointed him RTW Design Director.

Recently the brand has added a lifetime warranty program on its bags. Thus, every bag has unlimited complimentary refreshes and repairs on its handbags. Each bag sold as of November 2022 will be accompanied by a physical and digital card with a serial number corresponding to the bag. Sadly this new Certification of Craft program just applies to new purchases as of November 2022.

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