Trying TikTok Beauty Products

Are they really worth the hype?

By Chloe Lansdall

TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, with majority of users being part of Gen-Z. The introduction of “TikTok Shop” has allowed users to purchase products directly through the app, making marketing even easier for many businesses on the platform.

The beauty industry in particular has benefited from this feature, with certain products going viral from influencers posting makeup tutorials and directly linking the products they used in the video. I have purchased some the most popular products to test them myself, as well as asking others who have used them to see if they are really worth the hype…

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Coco Cosmetics By Chloe Marshmallow Sponge

This sponge has replaced the iconic beauty blender in the makeup world. This product is almost always sold out, but Chloe keeps customers up to date with restocks and the behind the scenes of running her small business on her TikTok page. The website claims the sponges “will transform your makeup application”, and it’s not wrong.

I bought the marshmallow duo sponge set for £16.99 through TikTok shop, which comes with both shape one and two, as I wanted to test both variations and compare them. You can also buy each individual sponge for £9 each. The sponge blends foundation out beautifully, giving a full coverage base without soaking up any of the product. It also works with cream products like bronzer and blush, without going patchy, and is extremely easy to clean.

Pink Honey Cream Bronzer

This is one of the products I haven’t got round to using yet, so I asked a close friend who I know is an avid user. After speaking to her I have now ordered it myself, which shows how easily influenced I can be when it comes to beauty products!

Jess ordered the bronzer via TikTok Shop at a discounted price of £13.50, saving £3 off the original retail price. She said “I love it and use it everyday, I bought the shade fudge glaze and it is quite dark, but I can blend it out to be the perfect shade whether I’m tanned or not.”

Pink Honey Brow Glue

I am not being dramatic when I say this product has changed my life. The Pink Honey brow glue allows you to get the brow lamination look without paying the price. For only £8.99, this pot of magic has completely transformed my brow routine. I have been an avid user of the brow pomade for over 5 years, and used one particular product religiously every single day. However, after using the Pink Honey brow glue, I will never go back.

At first I was skeptical about using the product, as it felt like I was stepping outside my comfort zone. However, I have never received so many compliments on my eyebrows since using this product. They stay in place all day, look natural and fluffy, and it is all down to this one product. If you decide to purchase any products from this article, make sure it’s this one.

Trigwell Cosmetics Powder Puff

I managed to get my hands on the mini duo of the powder puffs for £9.99, before they completely sold out yet again. I ordered directly through TikTok shop, and was excited to try, as I have always used the ‘traditional’ method of applying powder with a brush. However, after seeing so many videos of people using this product and claiming it “airbrushes and filters the skin” and “blurs under-eye bags”, I had to see for myself.

At first I tried it with a pressed powder, and honestly was quite disappointed, as it wasn’t as revolutionary as I thought. However, after watching makeup tutorials on TikTok, it was recommended to use the powder puffs with a loose powder, and it made a huge difference. The shape is perfect for fitting underneath the eye and getting into the small creases of your face.

Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Blusher

Again, this is a product I have not tried myself, but a close friend cannot rave about this product enough. It’s a liquid blush but with a powder finish, allowing it to be layered underneath or over the top of your base makeup. There is a wide variety of shades available, both in full size and minature variations. The blursh is currently half price at only £7, so if you’re thinking of trying it, now is the perfect time!

Meg, who owns over 40 shades of the product, said “it is highly versatile, and can be used for all areas of the face, from eyes, lips and cheeks.” As someone who is a huge makeup lover, she said “it’s a great product for beginners, as it is buildable and work on all skin types.”

After testing these products myself, it’s pretty obvious why they are almost always sold out. They are all affordable, easy to use, and have completely transformed my everyday makeup routine. I would recommend every single product, and buying them directly through TikTok to get the best deals and discounts!

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