• 5 shows to watch after House of the Dragon 

    Kelsey Garbutt 

    4th November, 2022 

    After three long awaited years, we finally got to journey back into the world of Westeros in its full glory. With its rich storytelling, complex characters (‘cough’ Daemon) and of course, the Dragons, Game of Thrones fans finally got to experience the redemption Westeros deserved.  

    The good news is that season 2 looks to be even more explosive now that all the chess pieces are in play- following that action-packed and let’s be honest, quite traumatising season finale. The not so good news is that the season 2 release does not drop until 2024. But fear not, I have compiled a not so typical list of shows to fill that Vhagar-sized hole that is the gap between season 1 and 2. 

    1. The Last Kingdom (2015-2022) 

    To kick this list off we have the Last Kingdom- a story based on the trials and adventures of Uhtred- a man who was born a Saxon but raised as a Dane. The astute readers amongst us may have deduced that this contrast could lead to conflict and spoiler alert- it absolutely does.   

    This show has it all; family betrayals, political scheming, pure unadulterated human connections and of course, some crazy hairstyles. What truly makes this show unique however, is its ability to portray what strong and complex female characters look like in an Early medieval setting without falling into stereotypical tropes.  

    watch at: https://www.netflix.com/gb/ 

    2. Taboo (2017- present) 

    Next on the list is a show unlike any I have seen before (which believe me, is saying something). Steeped with intrigue, mystery and best of all Tom Hardy, this alone should be enough reason to binge this show immediately.  

    Set in 1800s London, James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returns to London from elusive and mysterious circumstances in order to enact some serious revenge and claim his inheritance. Just thinking about this show makes me want to re-watch it ASAP.  

    P.S. This show may involve a Targaryen element (if you catch my drift). Watch at: https://www.netflix.com/gb/ 

    3. Plebs (2013- present) 

    On a more light-hearted note comes Plebs, the BAFTA-nominated sitcom that follows the lives Marcus, Stylax and Grumio: three guys from the suburbs trying to make it in the city. The city being ancient Rome.  

    This side-splitting comedy is oddly relatable and is filled with warmth. The best way I can describe this show is if the Inbetweeners and Brassic had a baby. 

    Watch at: https://www.itv.com/hub/plebs/2a1873 

    4. Britannia (2018- present) 

    Continuing with the Roman theme is Britannia, a real stand out series. This is a show that truly has it all; comedy, tragedy, religious intrigue, the might of the Roman empire and the journey of womanhood. I’m out of breath just thinking about it. 

    Set in a land we now call Britain in 43AD, this is a land before Christianity, with warring tribes and a soundtrack that slaps. Name me another show that contains Queens, druids and drugs in one place? 

    Featuring David Morrissey, Mackenzie Crook and Eleanor Worthington. Watch at: https://www.nowtv.com/ 

    5. Preacher (2016-2019) 

    What a note to end on. Where do I even begin with preacher. An outlandish and outrageous show following an unlikely trio in search of God who has happened to go missing. The trio in question consists of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) an extremely unconventional Preacher. Tulip O’hare (Ruth Negge) a gifted criminal and violent force of nature. Finally, one of my all-time favourite actors- Cassidy (played by Joseph Gilgun) who plays the hysterical Irish vampire. 

    This show is based on the comic series and can only be categorised as extremely comedic, extremely violent and extremely absurd, this show has to be seen to be believed. 

    Watch at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amazon-Video/b?ie=UTF8&node=3046738031 

    Now, this list (for regular people) should be sufficient to get you through until season 2. However, if you are even half of the tv binging, thrill seeking, escapism addicts that I suspect you are, then start spamming the comments for a part two. 

  • Brands that should be on your radar in 2023 

    Kelsey Garbutt 

    25th November, 2022 


    1. Marcia 

    Who: Emma Reynaud 

    What: A Parisian brand that combines sexy with comfy to make women feel both powerful and daring. 

    Why: Its strong focus on sustainability and its design approach- ensuring the clothes fit and suit all body types. 


    2. Tala 

    Who: Grace Beverley 

    What: Minimalist basics and activewear that feel as good as they look. They have different collections based on your lifestyle and activity needs. 

    Why: Tala closes the gap in the market for sustainable activewear at an affordable price without compromising on quality.  


    3. Olivia rose the label 

    Who: Olivia Rose Havelock 

    What: An Edinburgh based slow fashion brand that is a Bridgeton lover’s dream. With textured shirring, larger than life puffed sleeves, elegant, squared necklines and ethereal waist-cinching bodices. 

    Why: strong style aesthetic and unique offering of custom fitting dresses with your exact measurements- essentially a contemporary haute couture that is more accessible. 


    4. Kai Collective 

    Who: Fisayo Longe 

    What: Kai Collective is a London-based brand of attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics. They intentionally craft clothes to make multidimensional women feel like the most confident version of themselves. 

    Why: It is an intelligent brand packed with personality, delivering a completely different vibe that is very 2023 and beyond. 


  • Best Outfits for NYE 2023 from ASOS

    Best Outfits for NYE 2023 from ASOS

    Needing an outfit for New Years Eve, here are ASOS’s best outfits for partying into 2023.

    ASOS Links

    Miss Selfridge going out halter neck satin mini dress in black- £27.99

    Simmi Plus embellished one shoulder midi dress with thigh split in purple- £50

    Saint Genies peal embellished blazer dress in black- £40

    ASOS DESIGN Curve oversized sequin mini dress with belt in charcoal- £55

    Miss Selfridge mesh frill detail strappy mini dress in black- £39.99

    Kyo The Brand sequin blazer 3-piece co-ord in green- £52

    ASOS DESIGN glam plunge tie front jumpsuit in black- £40

    Miss Selfridge diamanté back trim playsuit in black- £35.99

    Rebellious fashion co-ord in silver glitter- blazer- £42, trousers- £32

    Urban Revive sequin mini dress in red- £39.99

    Style Cheat one shoulder drape sequin mini dress in gold- £65

    Forever New structured bandeau sequin mini dress in lime mix-£95

    ASOS DESIGN satin tie side long sleeve mini dress with collar in hot pink- £45

    By Faith Dawson, 2022

  • Keeping your eyes peeled

    Keeping your eyes peeled

    Jasmine Fisher-Wright, 2022

    Upcoming brands, small businesses and Depop shops that you should 100% be looking out for! Big things are coming, from the smallest of creatives. The perfect A/W to S/S items.

    No Emotions

    Known for their silk trousers and top co-ord, this small brand has been growing rapidly due to a handful of videos going viral over TikTok. These sets can be an essential to your wardrobe, pairing the trousers with a basic baby tee for an everyday look or with a blazer for comfy dinner attire or a work Christmas party.

    (All images derived from the No Emotions Instagram page)

    The brand has recently released some new silk skirts for the festive season. Made up of 65% silk, these retail at £58. The colours will not only see you through these frosty months but will also be an item to throw on with a little white tank in summer! These staple items will make anyones capsule wardrobe rather happy indeed.

    Bimba Y Lola

    Bimba Y Lola is a brand that is not only creating exciting garments, but bags that I want in every style! Describing themselves as a “Creative collective” , the spanish brand strives to spread art and culture through fashion.

    (Images derived from the Bimba Y Lola Instagram page)

    The vibe is childish yet consistently creative, keeping the gorpcore girlies interested as well as the Zara addicts. The styles range from modern current trends to timeless classics, such as their new nylon ranges as seen in the second image above. I am sure we will see the likes of Bella Hadid or Dua Lipa rocking an item from this brand on our screens very soon.

    Protect Ldn

    This brand is appearing in London street-style, simply due to the rising micro-trend in screen printed jeans, originating from the styles of Evisu, re-appearing on social media.

    (Images derived from the Protect Ldn Instagram page)

    Their consistent inspiration from the 90s was emulated highly in their recent drop last saturday, which sold out in only a couple hours. This Unisex brand is another to watch, as we will begin to see South London artists being styled wearing one of these garments. Watch this space.


    This unique and upcoming brand has been designed by a student from Antwerp, Isabeau Olislagers. The creativity in each individual handmade item adds an element of luxury and exclusivity, as you are paying essentially for art. Although these items may not be in a students price-range, it is certainly a brand to keep your eyes on! We may begin to see similar items making their way through more high-street and fast fashion brands.

    (Images Derived from the Izabo Instagram page)

    The product range includes bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings. All in unique shapes, designed to sit on your body differently, as seen in the images above.


    A small independent fashion label created by Georgina Kendall. Uniquely designed to be worn multiple ways, recently releasing some new A/W fabrics.

    These garments, all with similar ruching detailing, are hand-crafted deliberately to be worn in again and again. The perfect ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo. As seen above, these tops can also be dressed up for evening and posh events, styling the straps as you wish. If you’re into investing garments for a more slow-fashion approach, this is the brand for you.

    Of Planet Earth

    Handmade in London, known for their vintage cuts and stunning necklines. OfPlanetEarth focuses on items that go with absolutely anything for any occasion. The dress above retails for £360 with limited availability, and although this may be out of most people’s price range, the material and the style of the dress will be one to wear for years to come.

    The recent collection entices all our vintage girlies, giving loads of examples of what to wear this Christmas and New Years plans. Personally, I’m after the green co-ord!

    Poppy Lissiman

    Poppy Lissiman is an eyewear and faux leather accessories brand seen on faces such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish and more.

    All its products suits the different current styles embraced by Gen-Z. From inspirations relating to street style, Y2K grunge, gorp core and styles emulating a handmade touch. Prices from their recent collection ranging from £65 to £165.

  • Brand Profile

    By Arabella Ryter

    Bottega Veneta was founded in Vicenza 1966. The Italian fashion house offers a wide range of products in the categories: Men, Women and Home.

    What makes the brand so popular?

    The brand gained popularity from its weave design called intrecciato. This design is still a signature trademark of Bottega Veneta. It has been a favourite for years among consumers that do not like logos. It’s also a favourite due to its wide range of clutches which other brands do not provide or at least not to the extent of Bottega Veneta.

    The key to the brand is:

    To keep the amazing craftsmanship alive, Bottega Veneta founded in 2006 Scuola della Pelletteria. This a specialised school where the craftsmen are trained. Every individual pair of shoes or bag from Bottega Veneta is handcrafted in Italy by highly capable artisans who attended this school, making it understandable why the brands prices are so high.

    Bottega Green ?

    The brand is currently best known for the infamous mini-Jodie bag or the chunky boots. Bottega Veneta most recognisable aspects of the brand is its signature “Bottega Green” color. The creative director Daniel Lee was the one to reinvent the brand, whilst still keeping its sophisticated nature alive.

    In 2021 Matthieu Blazy  was appointed creative Director of Bottega Veneta. The popularity of the brand has grown significantly since Matthieu Blazy has become the new creative Director in 2021.

    A little bit about Matthieu Blazy’s industry history

    In 2014 Matthieu became the Senior Designer at Céline, he then worked at Calvin Klein from 2016 to 2019. In 2020 Bottega Veneta appointed him RTW Design Director.

    Recently the brand has added a lifetime warranty program on its bags. Thus, every bag has unlimited complimentary refreshes and repairs on its handbags. Each bag sold as of November 2022 will be accompanied by a physical and digital card with a serial number corresponding to the bag. Sadly this new Certification of Craft program just applies to new purchases as of November 2022.

  • Top 5 shoes this winter

    As the weather drops and the dark nights approach warm, comfortable and trendy footwear is crucial. English weather is so unpredictable and good footwear is important for protection. With the festive season approaching with Christmas markets and many outdoor activies boots are key.

    Boost are important for the winter time especially with big coats and chunky knitwear and it’s important to look stylish and keep up to date with winter trends

    Price ranges from £20.00 to £1500 to suit everyone’s needs.

    Here are the top 5 shoes on trend this winter keep you warm and comfortable:

    Coming in at 1 is the iconic Chloe Betty rubber boots at a price of £420.00, the rubber is suitable for every condition and goes with every outfit.

    Number 2 is the stylish COWBOY BOOTS WITH CONTRAST FLAMES for a more unique and edgy look from Zara at £79.99.

    The third runner up its ALDO combat ankle boot with a price of £110 for a staple black boot.

    Number 4 chunky sole over the knee long sock boot in black leather and knit for cosy dresses to help eleavate your look from ego for £30.00

    Finally the god of all boots is the black sole chunky boots £20.00 from public desire which are dupes for the Prada nylon fabric boots £1300

  • Trying TikTok Beauty Products

    Trying TikTok Beauty Products

    Are they really worth the hype?

    By Chloe Lansdall

    TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, with majority of users being part of Gen-Z. The introduction of “TikTok Shop” has allowed users to purchase products directly through the app, making marketing even easier for many businesses on the platform.

    The beauty industry in particular has benefited from this feature, with certain products going viral from influencers posting makeup tutorials and directly linking the products they used in the video. I have purchased some the most popular products to test them myself, as well as asking others who have used them to see if they are really worth the hype…

    Photo by Maria Camila Castau00f1o on Pexels.com

    Coco Cosmetics By Chloe Marshmallow Sponge

    This sponge has replaced the iconic beauty blender in the makeup world. This product is almost always sold out, but Chloe keeps customers up to date with restocks and the behind the scenes of running her small business on her TikTok page. The website claims the sponges “will transform your makeup application”, and it’s not wrong.

    I bought the marshmallow duo sponge set for £16.99 through TikTok shop, which comes with both shape one and two, as I wanted to test both variations and compare them. You can also buy each individual sponge for £9 each. The sponge blends foundation out beautifully, giving a full coverage base without soaking up any of the product. It also works with cream products like bronzer and blush, without going patchy, and is extremely easy to clean.

    Pink Honey Cream Bronzer

    This is one of the products I haven’t got round to using yet, so I asked a close friend who I know is an avid user. After speaking to her I have now ordered it myself, which shows how easily influenced I can be when it comes to beauty products!

    Jess ordered the bronzer via TikTok Shop at a discounted price of £13.50, saving £3 off the original retail price. She said “I love it and use it everyday, I bought the shade fudge glaze and it is quite dark, but I can blend it out to be the perfect shade whether I’m tanned or not.”

    Pink Honey Brow Glue

    I am not being dramatic when I say this product has changed my life. The Pink Honey brow glue allows you to get the brow lamination look without paying the price. For only £8.99, this pot of magic has completely transformed my brow routine. I have been an avid user of the brow pomade for over 5 years, and used one particular product religiously every single day. However, after using the Pink Honey brow glue, I will never go back.

    At first I was skeptical about using the product, as it felt like I was stepping outside my comfort zone. However, I have never received so many compliments on my eyebrows since using this product. They stay in place all day, look natural and fluffy, and it is all down to this one product. If you decide to purchase any products from this article, make sure it’s this one.

    Trigwell Cosmetics Powder Puff

    I managed to get my hands on the mini duo of the powder puffs for £9.99, before they completely sold out yet again. I ordered directly through TikTok shop, and was excited to try, as I have always used the ‘traditional’ method of applying powder with a brush. However, after seeing so many videos of people using this product and claiming it “airbrushes and filters the skin” and “blurs under-eye bags”, I had to see for myself.

    At first I tried it with a pressed powder, and honestly was quite disappointed, as it wasn’t as revolutionary as I thought. However, after watching makeup tutorials on TikTok, it was recommended to use the powder puffs with a loose powder, and it made a huge difference. The shape is perfect for fitting underneath the eye and getting into the small creases of your face.

    Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Blusher

    Again, this is a product I have not tried myself, but a close friend cannot rave about this product enough. It’s a liquid blush but with a powder finish, allowing it to be layered underneath or over the top of your base makeup. There is a wide variety of shades available, both in full size and minature variations. The blursh is currently half price at only £7, so if you’re thinking of trying it, now is the perfect time!

    Meg, who owns over 40 shades of the product, said “it is highly versatile, and can be used for all areas of the face, from eyes, lips and cheeks.” As someone who is a huge makeup lover, she said “it’s a great product for beginners, as it is buildable and work on all skin types.”

    After testing these products myself, it’s pretty obvious why they are almost always sold out. They are all affordable, easy to use, and have completely transformed my everyday makeup routine. I would recommend every single product, and buying them directly through TikTok to get the best deals and discounts!

  • The Inspiration Behind these 2022 World Cup Kits

    The Inspiration Behind these 2022 World Cup Kits

    Written by Ethan Wheatcroft

    In theme with the 2022 World Cup, here are 5 of the 32 team kits that stand out, not only in the way they look, but the inspiration and background behind the kits.

    Image from Adidas.

    Argentina: Draped in the classic blue and white, equipped with the Argentinian coat of arms, the Adidas three stripes and modelled by the greatest of all time; this jersey is made from 50 percent ocean plastic from Parley for the Oceans.

    Image from Nike.

    Brazil: On the famous vibrant yellow canvas, with the blue and green piping around the sleeves and the collar, the jaguar print all over the jersey is what makes this kit so special. According to Nike, the print reflects on Brazil’s “flarey” style of play, which suits the 5 time World Cup winners perfectly.

    Image from New Balance.

    Costa Rica: The Los Ticos enter the 2022 World Cup in a red jersey with blue trimmings around the sleeves. Created by New Balance, the jersey is made up from 100 percent recycled polyester and uses New Balance’s “Dry Technology”, which was designed in mind of keeping players cool and comfortable through the hot Qatar climate.

    Costa Rica defender Kendall Wason said that “These are the perfect jerseys for us to show the world what we’re made of.”, they also stated that “Every time I step out onto the pitch for my country is an incredibly proud moment and I can’t wait for the first game in these new kits,”.

    Image from Puma.

    Morocco: Created by Puma, the kit is made up from the colours of the Moroccan flag, with red and green piping around the arms and neckline. The canvas is decorated with the Puma logo, the club emblem and traditional graphics that take inspiration from Moroccan mosaics.

    Image from Adidas,

    Japan: Adidas position Japan’s kit on a blue and white jersey which takes inspiration from origami. A three legged crow pattern is all over the kit, the designers said these represent self expression. The irregular shapes are there to convey speed, which translates the play style and pace of the team.

  • Christmas Comes To York

    Christmas Comes To York

    By Niamh Wheldon

    Christmas this year is set to be hard for a lot of people, with the economic crisis consuming the news there seems to be no escape. For me Christmas is the most incredible time of the year, created from so many amazing childhood memories. The 7ft Christmas tree touching ceiling, that my dad always had to cut the top off to fit our 15-year-old angel on, Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and eating whatever we want on Christmas day. This year I will cherish my family and the time I spend with them even more.

    People will be thinking twice about extravagant gifts and considering what means the most to them. Being in York for Christmas means being surrounded by Christmas celebrations from the start of November. With the buzz of the markets also known as St Nicholas Fair, this year features the most spectacular Swiss hut, The Winter Hütte, with two floors of festivities, featuring a restaurant with food created by Michelin-Starred Andrew Pern. St Nicholas Fair is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so is bigger and better than any year before.

    Me and my best friend went for a browse the other day and loved how it was small brand centric, encouraging people to shop local and celebrate some of the creatives we have in York, the price point of a majority of the items was accessible. From handcrafted jewellery to silk and cashmere blend scarves, to the most sensational chocolate loaded brownies that make your mouth water just from the sight of them.

    This year I will cherish my family and the time I spend with them even more.

    The twinkling lights and the Christmas spirit the market represents is a present in itself. Bring your family together this year by surrounding yourself in this cosy city. Walk around the city walls to embrace not only the culture but the essence of British winter, York has never felt so festive.

  • Lenny Marriott’s Money Saving Tips

    Lenny Marriott’s Money Saving Tips

    The year is 2022. Winter is approaching. Your funds are low and you’re about to run out of teabags. How could this year get any worse?

    Well I, Lenny Marriott, am here to tell you it will get worse. Much much worse. But do not fret, for I will also save you from this peril. Though I have lived comfortably my whole life, being born to a wealthy businessman, never working a day in my life; I promise you I relate greatly too you common folk. Therefore, I have gathered a team of money saving experts who have been locked in a dark room with nothing but a computer loaded with excel to figure out the solution to this dire future.

    So here are the five best tips they gathered, and it only took 3 of the team falling into a deep state of exhaustion to make:

    1. ‘Spaghetti Bolog’save

    Do you wake up in the early hours of the morning with a pang of hunger consuming you? Do you want to save money heating up that damn dinner in these trying times? Well here’s a tip that can solve both your problems in one fell swoop.

    Before you head to bed with your cozy water bottle; your lifelong partner (and the only one that will never leave you (IM TALKING TO YOU JESS. I STILL DON’T FORGIVE YOU FOR ENDING THINGS OVER THE PHONE)): fill your water bottle with some uncooked spaghetti. After the spaghetti is added; fill the bottle with some lovely hot water. The one key element is not to forget to add salt to your hot water bottle. This will add flavour and prevent the spaghetti from sticking together. Now, as you sleep peacefully this spaghetti will slowly cook itself and you will wake up not only warm, but with a delicious meal ready by your side.

    Top Tips for True Chefs:

    • If you want to improve the flavour of your spaghetti; add more salt (you can never have enough)
    • To turn this into a lovely breakfast snack; add some peanut butter as a sauce. Delicous.

    2. Water Inflation

    Did you know that if a tap drips ten times per minute; you could lose 90 litres of water a month. This quick tip will save all your water woes. My team in finance have calculated that by using this tip you can save around £25,000 a year in water wastage.

    For this tip you simply place a balloon over each and every tap in your house. Before using the tap, you take off the balloon and then place it back on after use. These balloons will collect any excess water that would have been wasted down the sink. You can then use this water to drink or even wash the dishes. Ill leave it up to your imagination what you do!

    3. The ‘Key’ to All Your Money Woes

    Do you ever feel like its impossible to save in this current age? Like all your money is slipping out the door… through the windows… maybe even through your keyhole? Well, you wouldn’t be alone; many British citizens have reported feeling the same. And I’m here to tell you that none of you are wrong either.

    Scarily; a large sum of your heating bill is wasted. How? You might ask. A lot of the heat from your house escapes through small holes. One of these holes is located right in your front door: the keyhole. To fix this issue our money saving team devised a complex strategy.

    To do this strategy you must first find some masking tape in your house. Then, when the keyholes are not in use; proceed to place a small square of masking tape over the hole, consequently trapping the hot air inside. This will keep your house warm all through the winter months.

    Top tips for true savers:

    • For a more permanent solution; fill the keyhole with superglue. Therefore, no hot air will ever escape again.

    4. ‘Tap’ping into hot water

    Is the future advent of a blackout filling you with dread and fear? Is this fear due to not knowing how you’ll cope without your habitual hourly tea? Fear no more. We have devised a 10-step strategy that you can practice now in readiness of the coming daily blackouts. By following this strategy correctly you will be guaranteed a lovely warm cup of tea, electricity or not.

    The first step involves turning your tap on. You must then proceed to light a candle. After that you must hold the candle underneath your tap until the water flowing is very very hot. Then put your cup, with teabag inside under your tap. There it is. You now have a lovely warm cup of tea. Feel your stresses fade away as you slowly sip your brew. You’re welcome!

    5. The ‘Foil’ to creating a carbon footprint

    Got cold feet? And no I’m not talking about your engagement to James, I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke. Do you literally have cold feet? It’s a common problem felt throughout the UK in these winter months. Not everyone can afford under floor heating and so many are left with a sour taste in their mouth and a cold feeling in their foot. Our money saving experts have found the solution, through numerous calculations and spreadsheets filled with numbers.

    They suggest that you can keep your feet warm through lining your slippers with aluminium foil. This creates a barrier through which the heat can escape from your slippers, thus trapping any excess heat in with your feet. Your feet will never not be cozy again. Experts are telling us this also reduces your carbon footprint due to your feet not actually touching the ground anymore.