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  • Trying TikTok Beauty Products

    Trying TikTok Beauty Products

    Are they really worth the hype? By Chloe Lansdall TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, with majority of users being part of Gen-Z. The introduction of “TikTok Shop” has allowed users to purchase products directly through the app, making marketing even easier for many businesses on the platform. The beauty industry in […]

  • The Inspiration Behind these 2022 World Cup Kits

    The Inspiration Behind these 2022 World Cup Kits

    Written by Ethan Wheatcroft In theme with the 2022 World Cup, here are 5 of the 32 team kits that stand out, not only in the way they look, but the inspiration and background behind the kits. Argentina: Draped in the classic blue and white, equipped with the Argentinian coat of arms, the Adidas three […]

  • Christmas Comes To York

    Christmas Comes To York

    By Niamh Wheldon Christmas this year is set to be hard for a lot of people, with the economic crisis consuming the news there seems to be no escape. For me Christmas is the most incredible time of the year, created from so many amazing childhood memories. The 7ft Christmas tree touching ceiling, that my […]

  • 5 Gifts for Christmas

    5 Gifts for Christmas

    By Arabella Ryter, 2022 What is Christmas about?  This year has and will be very hard time for us all. The rise in cost of living is most likely going to affect Christmas, but it is not only about spending money and material items. It’s about love and spending time with your loved ones. Making […]