• 5 tips for how to shop more sustainably

    5 tips for how to shop more sustainably

    By Faith Dawson, 2022

    How often do you buy new clothes? Every week? Or nearly every day? Fast fashion has made buying new clothes just a click away, however at what expensive? 

    The concerns over how much we spend on fashion continues to grow as climate change spirals further.  So what can you do to help fix this? Here are 5 tips on how to shop more sustainably:

    Buy staple pieces that can be worn in a range of different outfits, see our recent post about an A/W capsule wardrobe.

    Re-wear outfits again, don’t feel embarrassed to be wearing the same outfit again, spice it up with different accessories and you’ll feel like a new person! 

    Instead of buying from brands that we know mass produce fast fashion, try shopping at independent brands. These may be more expensive, but treat it as an investment.

    Try to sell your unwanted clothing on apps like vinted and depop, what you don’t want, another person will love. It is also a good option to buy from websites like these, and charity shops, because by buying secondhand you are encouraging circular fashion.

    If clothing items have past their sell by date, try changing them into something new, whether it is changing a dress into a top or even trying to change it into something completely different, like changing an old jumper into a cushion cover.

    Shopping sustainably doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping altogether, it just means shopping consciously and weighing up the decisions of every purchase.

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