Trending hair products that are worth the hype

Alesha Bentley

Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap is a multi-styling hair tool product that has adapted how we style our hair at home. There are three versions of the complete set, the long set which is for people with longer hair, the standard which is suitable for people between shoulder length to chest length hair and finally a set for people with curly hair. Dyson offers a wide range of attachments to suit all hair types. The Dyson Airwrap blew up on TikTok throughout 2021, as we were shown we can achieve salon-styled hair at home. The Airwrap is known to be on the expensive side however, apparently worth every penny. The innovative Vacuum company that created the Dyson Airwrap used its futuristic skills to create a versatile tool to get salon styled hair with reduced heat damage.

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Color Wow Dream Coat Spray

Thank you to Chris Appleton, famously known as Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist. Chris revealed to many sources that the Colour Wow dream coat spray is the secret to the Kardashian’s dreamy silk smooth hair. He also revealed this in a viral TikTok demonstrating the application on Kim. The spray supposedly adapts the hair from a frizz-like texture to smooth and silky. Surprisingly the product is quite affordable with it being £20, some may say this is defiantly worth the hype and price.

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Olaplex has been on the hair care scene for a while and a few of their products were considered the best hair products of 2022 according to Glamorous Magazine. It was before salon secrecy but now a bathroom essential for us hair carers. Olaplex’s main purpose in products is to reverse hair damage, the chemicals work as molecular formulae to repair bonds in our hair. These are the products you need especially for those summer bleach highlights you may want to get in the future.

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Heatless hair headband curls

Wanting heatless effortless curls? Look no further. The viral heatless headband curlers help you achieve bouncy curls overnight with zero heat damage. Beginning with the satin headband you wrap your damp hair around the band, tie it in place, and leave the magic to happen over a few hours – preferably overnight. The headband usually comes with 2 scrunchies and a claw clip included This isn’t the first-time heatless curls have been on trend, hair rollers were the OG bouncy curls method with low to no heat used.