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  • Charitable Chouinard

    Charitable Chouinard

    by Jasmine Fisher-Wright, 2022 Yvon Chouinard, the Forbes recognised $1.2 billionaire and founder of the outdoor clothing brand Patagonia. He has been celebrated recently due to his decision to donate 98% of the company and all of its non-voting stock to The Holdfast Collective with the remaining 2% and all of the voting stock being […]

  • 5 tips for how to shop more sustainably

    5 tips for how to shop more sustainably

    By Faith Dawson, 2022 How often do you buy new clothes? Every week? Or nearly every day? Fast fashion has made buying new clothes just a click away, however at what expensive?  The concerns over how much we spend on fashion continues to grow as climate change spirals further.  So what can you do to help […]