Brands that should be on your radar in 2023 

Kelsey Garbutt 

25th November, 2022 


1. Marcia 

Who: Emma Reynaud 

What: A Parisian brand that combines sexy with comfy to make women feel both powerful and daring. 

Why: Its strong focus on sustainability and its design approach- ensuring the clothes fit and suit all body types.

2. Tala 

Who: Grace Beverley 

What: Minimalist basics and activewear that feel as good as they look. They have different collections based on your lifestyle and activity needs. 

Why: Tala closes the gap in the market for sustainable activewear at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

3. Olivia rose the label 

Who: Olivia Rose Havelock 

What: An Edinburgh based slow fashion brand that is a Bridgeton lover’s dream. With textured shirring, larger than life puffed sleeves, elegant, squared necklines and ethereal waist-cinching bodices. 

Why: strong style aesthetic and unique offering of custom fitting dresses with your exact measurements- essentially a contemporary haute couture that is more accessible.

4. Kai Collective 

Who: Fisayo Longe 

What: Kai Collective is a London-based brand of attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics. They intentionally craft clothes to make multidimensional women feel like the most confident version of themselves. 

Why: It is an intelligent brand packed with personality, delivering a completely different vibe that is very 2023 and beyond.

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