Keeping your eyes peeled

Jasmine Fisher-Wright, 2022

Upcoming brands, small businesses and Depop shops that you should 100% be looking out for! Big things are coming, from the smallest of creatives. The perfect A/W to S/S items.

No Emotions

Known for their silk trousers and top co-ord, this small brand has been growing rapidly due to a handful of videos going viral over TikTok. These sets can be an essential to your wardrobe, pairing the trousers with a basic baby tee for an everyday look or with a blazer for comfy dinner attire or a work Christmas party.

(All images derived from the No Emotions Instagram page)

The brand has recently released some new silk skirts for the festive season. Made up of 65% silk, these retail at £58. The colours will not only see you through these frosty months but will also be an item to throw on with a little white tank in summer! These staple items will make anyones capsule wardrobe rather happy indeed.

Bimba Y Lola

Bimba Y Lola is a brand that is not only creating exciting garments, but bags that I want in every style! Describing themselves as a “Creative collective” , the spanish brand strives to spread art and culture through fashion.

(Images derived from the Bimba Y Lola Instagram page)

The vibe is childish yet consistently creative, keeping the gorpcore girlies interested as well as the Zara addicts. The styles range from modern current trends to timeless classics, such as their new nylon ranges as seen in the second image above. I am sure we will see the likes of Bella Hadid or Dua Lipa rocking an item from this brand on our screens very soon.

Protect Ldn

This brand is appearing in London street-style, simply due to the rising micro-trend in screen printed jeans, originating from the styles of Evisu, re-appearing on social media.

(Images derived from the Protect Ldn Instagram page)

Their consistent inspiration from the 90s was emulated highly in their recent drop last saturday, which sold out in only a couple hours. This Unisex brand is another to watch, as we will begin to see South London artists being styled wearing one of these garments. Watch this space.


This unique and upcoming brand has been designed by a student from Antwerp, Isabeau Olislagers. The creativity in each individual handmade item adds an element of luxury and exclusivity, as you are paying essentially for art. Although these items may not be in a students price-range, it is certainly a brand to keep your eyes on! We may begin to see similar items making their way through more high-street and fast fashion brands.

(Images Derived from the Izabo Instagram page)

The product range includes bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings. All in unique shapes, designed to sit on your body differently, as seen in the images above.


A small independent fashion label created by Georgina Kendall. Uniquely designed to be worn multiple ways, recently releasing some new A/W fabrics.

These garments, all with similar ruching detailing, are hand-crafted deliberately to be worn in again and again. The perfect ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo. As seen above, these tops can also be dressed up for evening and posh events, styling the straps as you wish. If you’re into investing garments for a more slow-fashion approach, this is the brand for you.

Of Planet Earth

Handmade in London, known for their vintage cuts and stunning necklines. OfPlanetEarth focuses on items that go with absolutely anything for any occasion. The dress above retails for £360 with limited availability, and although this may be out of most people’s price range, the material and the style of the dress will be one to wear for years to come.

The recent collection entices all our vintage girlies, giving loads of examples of what to wear this Christmas and New Years plans. Personally, I’m after the green co-ord!

Poppy Lissiman

Poppy Lissiman is an eyewear and faux leather accessories brand seen on faces such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish and more.

All its products suits the different current styles embraced by Gen-Z. From inspirations relating to street style, Y2K grunge, gorp core and styles emulating a handmade touch. Prices from their recent collection ranging from £65 to £165.

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