Christmas Comes To York

By Niamh Wheldon

Christmas this year is set to be hard for a lot of people, with the economic crisis consuming the news there seems to be no escape. For me Christmas is the most incredible time of the year, created from so many amazing childhood memories. The 7ft Christmas tree touching ceiling, that my dad always had to cut the top off to fit our 15-year-old angel on, Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and eating whatever we want on Christmas day. This year I will cherish my family and the time I spend with them even more.

People will be thinking twice about extravagant gifts and considering what means the most to them. Being in York for Christmas means being surrounded by Christmas celebrations from the start of November. With the buzz of the markets also known as St Nicholas Fair, this year features the most spectacular Swiss hut, The Winter Hütte, with two floors of festivities, featuring a restaurant with food created by Michelin-Starred Andrew Pern. St Nicholas Fair is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so is bigger and better than any year before.

Me and my best friend went for a browse the other day and loved how it was small brand centric, encouraging people to shop local and celebrate some of the creatives we have in York, the price point of a majority of the items was accessible. From handcrafted jewellery to silk and cashmere blend scarves, to the most sensational chocolate loaded brownies that make your mouth water just from the sight of them.

This year I will cherish my family and the time I spend with them even more.

The twinkling lights and the Christmas spirit the market represents is a present in itself. Bring your family together this year by surrounding yourself in this cosy city. Walk around the city walls to embrace not only the culture but the essence of British winter, York has never felt so festive.

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